Become A Salsa Sensation At Capoeira Besouro Studio

Become A Salsa Sensation At Capoeira Besouro Studio
Jun 23

Become A Salsa Sensation At Capoeira Besouro Studio

In this series, World Salsa Champion, Charlene Rose, will teach you a dynamic Ladies Salsa routine that will prepare you to perform either live or in a professionally shot and edited performance video you can share with your friends and followers! ! Dont worry, performance is not mandatory and you can join just as a Salsera in training. LASF20173 Check out what you will learn in this series: Sexy Ladies Styling- Learn all the elements that make up our sexy, elegant, and graceful style. Turning and Spinning Technique- Our drills and exercises will have you spinning like a top in no time! Amazing Footwork- Syncopations, slides, and swivels and it doesnt stop there! Sensual Body Movement- You will learn isolations, body movement, and flavor like youve never seen! Hand and Arm Styling- Become a true artist by learning the proper usage of and placement one of your most expressive tools your arms and hands! Musicality- Learn timing and musical understanding. Learn the difference between dancing with the counts and listening to the music. Staging and Spacing- We will incorporate formations, staging, and spacial awareness no more dancing in place! Projection and Performance- We will give you several tips and tools for improving your projection and performance. You will shine like a Star after we are done with you! Here is what you will Experience in this series: Performance Opportunity- This series will culminate in a Virtual Performance that will be professionally edited so you can share with your friends and followers (additional costs will apply), and potentially in front of a live audience as live venues open up. Performances are not mandatory, and you can join us for the training and instruction. Make Friends- Our members have been known to become lifelong friends because of the camaraderie that is created from working together on a performance team. Get Fit- You will get in shape while having fun! More Info below.

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Phone: (424) 272-7136
[email protected]
when: June 23 @ 4pm - 6pm
where: Capoeira Besouro Studio, 709 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291, USA map
category: Salsa



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