Dubai S'chic Kbs Congress 2022

Dubai S'chic Kbs Congress 2022
Feb 13

Dubai S'chic Kbs Congress 2022

Welcome to Dubai Social Chic KBS ! First Edition 65 Hours Scheduled Dance Workshop 25 international /Local Dancers- Instructors 9 schic KBS Social parties Line Up Artists - Dance Workshops : international / Local Artists Kizomba tomas Keita Reis de Kizomba - Kizomba/ Semba (Spain) Liliana Gwany Tarraxo (Dubai / Paris) Marta Yami - Kizomba Fusion - Kizomba lady style Man style (uitaly - Milan France/Paris) Nima Karl rebirth crew Urbankiz (Paris/France) Azzedine Urbankiz King Kizomba (France/Paris) cora - Urbankiz/Lady Styling/Tribal Fusion (France/Grenoble) stephanie Benjamin Urban Kiz/Kizomba Urbankiz Champion of France 2021(France/Marseille) Zuzana Lionel CG Semba - Kompa(Slovakia /France) Bandal Lea Roques Kizomba (Paris/France) Hicham Lokito Urban kiz Dubai /UAE tony dsouza Aka Kizomboy Urban Kiz Dubai/UAE International / Local Artists Bachata samy El Magico Bachata Dominican (France) Marta Yami - Bachata fusion Bachata pasitos (shines) - Bachata lady and man style (Italy - Milan France - Paris) Bandal Lea Roques Bachata Traditional (Paris/France) Gaelle Brice Bachata Sensual (Paris/France) International / Local Artists Salsa Dominican/Salsa Cuban/Salsa bien Salsa Caraibe (Dubai/UAE) International / Local Artists afrohouse/afrobeat/afrodance black Chinese (France/Nice) akram Ben Khalifa Bouchiba (Amsterdam/Netherlands) ichigo (France - Paris) international djs: Dj Zayx Kizomba (Paris/France) Dj Snakes Kizomba (paris/france) Dj Ichigo Urbankizomba (paris/france) Dj Babacar SBK (hamburg/germany) Dj Stee V Afro Generalist Dj Resi. Dj Es Paradis (Ibiza/Spain) dj Angelo kizomba/ Generalist (Paris/France) 9 schic KBS Social parties 1/ Welcoming schic KBS party Sunday 13th February from 6pm 2 rooms: Kizomba/Afrobeat + Bachata/Salsa 2/ Valentines schic KBS party Monday 14th February from 7pm 2 rooms: Kizomba/Afrobeat + Bachata/Salsa 3/Ladies First schic KBS Pool Party Tuesday 15th February from 7pm 2 rooms: Kizomba/Afrobeat + Bachata/Salsa 4/schic KBS Desert Party Wednesday 16th February from 6pm Ticket to buy in advance including the food beverages 2 rooms: Kizomba/Afrobeat + Bachata/Salsa 5/ Gala Dinner schic KBS Dance Challenge thursday 17th February from 7pm Entertainments performance: schic KBS Dance Show Afro Kizomba live Band / famous Singers KBS Dance party Ticket to buy in advance including the food beverages 6/ 2 parties Friday 18th February 2022 schic KBS Boat Party from 12pm Ticket to buy in advance including the food beverages 2 rooms: Kizomba/Afrobeat + Bachata/Salsa The Social Chic KBS Party from 8pm 7/ 2 parties Saturday 19th February 2022 schic Brunch Buffet 5 Hotel from 1pm Ticket to buy in advance including the food beverages) Beach schic KBS Party from 5pm 2 rooms: kizomba/afrobeat + bachata/salsa Goodbye Social Chic! Party 2 Rooms: Kizomba/Afrobeat + Bachata/Salsa Each Party Events: 1/ included to the Parties Pass VIP Pass or 2/ buy a ticket separately The Schic Gala Dinner - Brunch - Boat - Desert Parties with Dinner or Party only Options: drinks + foods addition fees includes to each Party Dance Styles: Kizomba/Urban Kiz /Kiz Fusion/Semba/Tarraxo Bachata : Sensual/Fusion/shine Salsa : Cuban/LA/Shine Kompa/Zouk afrodance/Dance Hall Lady style / Man Style Tribal Fusion Dance / Bellydance much more How to process to get your pass or travelers package? 1/ Get Your Pass first discounted with Promo Code DUBAISCHIC: Day Full Pass Dance Workshops 20/AED85 VIP schic Full Pass only 50/AED215 https: //www. Weezevent. Com/dubai-social-chic-kbs-dance. .. 2/ Choose your Hotel 4/5 Dubai Social Chic KBS Congress negotiated rates Including : Inclusive of Breakfast buffet in the restaurant Complimentary WIFI internet connection Advantages with us will be saving the fees below : Above rates inclusive of 7% Municipality fee and 10% Service charge. Above rates inclusive of 5% VAT. Above rates inclusive of Tourism Dirham at 3. 50/AED15 - 4. 65/AED20 per night for Classic room and 14/AED60 per night for three bedrooms Hotels Partners: Be aware: Expo2020 + February highest season most of hotels are fully booked / rates will increase each month / Rooms are limited Please Choose between these 3 Hotels / where the event will happen all week: Hurry to book Choose between these 3 Hotels : Radisson Blu Media City 5 Hotel - Double / Triple rooms occupancies 72. 50/69. 90 per person - AED325/AED299 per person Media One Media City 4 Hotel - Double/twinrooms Occupancy 95/100 per person - AED406/AED428 per person Arjaan by Rotana Hotel 4hotel - Double/6persons rooms occupancies 85/75 per person - AED363/321 per person Reservations Payment possible in 1 by https: //www. Weezevent. Com/dubai-social-chic-kbs-dance. .. And /2/3 installmentscontact us by mail to [email protected] Com Including your passport copy + Pass Sanitary Options: Half board rate at additional 23. 50 /AED100 per person per night Full board rate at additional 44. 50/AED190 per person per night 3/ Please add yourself Dubai s'chic KBS Congress 2022 https: //facebook. Com/events/s/dubai-schic-kbs-congress-2[hidden]42155824/ We can assist you to the booking by mail or whatsapp: [email protected] Com/ whatsapp+[hidden]34 More Info below.

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Phone: 971 54 445 1734
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when: February 13 @ 9am - February 20 @ 9pm
where: Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Media City, Al Sufouh - Dubai Media City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates map
category: Salsa

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