6th Mambomania Congress - Official

6th Mambomania Congress - Official
Jan 21

6th Mambomania Congress - Official

International Salsa on2 Congress for social dancers, instructors and performers, the only one of its kind in Northern Europe. Dear mamberos, with a big big JOY we announce you, we are now ready to gather together and mambo like crazy the whole weekend! This Edition is about OUR DANCE and OUR LOVE FOR MAMBO, so since we were so in hurry to make it happen, the crew is somehow different but also the main theme of the congress. You know us as a real academy for mambo which take very seriously teaching in the congress. Well, after the Covid Pandemy, we believe the priorities are different this time. Mambomania will be a lot of fun social dancing and house some friendly workshops(expect crazy fun modern mambo) at intermediate level. This edition WE'LL ALL BE TOGETHER AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! So This time - NO level selection and NO focus so much on studying mambo, but focus on upgrading updating your styling and your shines as well as social dancing A LOT! Oh, You will love it! The Great female mambo leader, so appreciated of Adolfo Indacochea and of so many others mambo legends, Noelia Delgado (Spain) is coming with her partner Irena Draganova (Bulgary) and we'll thrill you with their mambo! Noelia Will make you put down your hat with her leading skills! So Dear leaders - you won't miss her workshops and dear followers you won't miss a dance leaded by Noelia! She Will make you fly! It Is SO much to learn from there! Marco Faravelli (Italy), One of the Latin Soul Dancers, dancing so many years with Adolfo I. , It's a great teacher and dancer, which can turn your mambo shines upside down. Don't miss his classes! And We do have some surprises for you Expect the friendly battle: Ladies vs. Menn to happen on Friday, at the beginning of the party. That's so much fun! Expect Great music, the best music from Dj. Sezar, Dj. Lasse, Dj. Torgeir, Dj. Kasra and hopefully some more surprises here too. Expect 2 floors: MAMBO and SALSA ROMANTICA BACHATA Teaching in English Right in the heart of the city Venue: Sentralen Accommodation within 1 minute walking: parkinn by Radisson Oslo, First Hotel Millenium, Perminalen. (Usually Very cheap to book from www. Booking. Com) Preparty on Thursday at Pigalle Congress starts on Friday afternoon at 18. 00 with THE GREAT MAMBO MEETING - PARTY and ends up at 20. 00 on Sunday with the FAREWELL PARTY. INFO: - Mambo floor (Forstanderskapssalen) - Salsa romantica Bachata (Direktorrommet) - Day Social Lounge on Saturday (Direktorrommet) Saturday is the New Year Salsa Ball (2 floors) Shows - Line up: 1. Noelia Delgado Del Pino Irena Draganova - Confirmed 2. Marco Faravelli - Confirmed . .. Work in progress. .. Some surprises to come. Djs: 1. Sezar - Confirmed 2. Lasse - Confirmed 3. Torgeir - Confirmed 4. Kasra - Confirmed . .. Work in progress. .. More to come PRICES AND PASSES: Fullpasses Party Passes on sale now 160/40. Goes up to 175/55 euro in January. At the door 200/70 euro. Other passes: Couple pass. - We Are already half part sold, 70 fullpasses sold from before the pandemy so REMAINING TICKETS ARE 26 FULLPASS FOLLOWER 37 FULLPASS LEADER 10 COUPLE PASSES 125 PARTY PASSES Book early, grab the last tickets, save money and secure a spot. It's getting sold out quite fast, special the followers passes. - Groups Can get a good discount. (Min. 6pers. ) - Contact Us - No refunds but you can resell the ticket. - FULL REFUND IN CASE OF FORCE MAJEURE OR ANY COMEBACK OF THE COVID PANDEMY. REGULATIONS: - If you are late with more than 5 minutes to the class, you will lose your right to be in that class. - Only Active participants are allowed into the class. - Dresscode In the classes: black. We believe in the importance of requiring a dress code. A dress code ensures that a teacher will be able to see a dancers alignment and positioning. The teacher needs to be able to see a dancer's mistakes. Baggy clothing can mask bad habits, making corrections impossible. Form-fitting dance-wear is what we strongly recommend. - Filming In the classes - only when you are invited to do so by the teachers. - Please do not bring alcohol inside the party venue. That's forbidden. Use the bar. - Please Use indoor/clean shoes. CONTACT: Please WHATSAPP Andreea Terescenco to 0040 740 210 990 and we will do our best to help you with any inquiry. Questions about logistic/how to get there/info Oslo: [email protected] Org Follow us on Instagram: @mambomaniaoslo Like our Fanpage: Mambomania - Oslo Visit our webpage: www. Mambomania. Org TRAVEL TIPS: YOU CAN GET TO OSLO BY PLAIN, TRAIN, BUS, AND SHIP. 2 airports close to Oslo: OSLO (OSLO LUFTHAVN GARDERMOEN) TORP SANDEFJORD - GARDERMOEN is the biggest airport. All major towns in Europe have flights there, also there are direct flights from USA. - TORP Is a bit smaller. Wizzair flies to Torp from almost everywhere. Oslo is connected to Stockholm Gothenborg by railway. Oslo is connected to Copenhagen Kiel by cruise/ferry. FROM GARDERMOEN (OSL) to Oslo S (Oslo Central Station) 1. FAST RAIL. (20min) 2. LOCAL TRAIN (23min) 3. TAXI. There is a Taxi Desk right before you go out of the airport. There you get the right taxi and help to get the right price. There are fix-prices from to airport to Oslo. If you are 4 persons or more, we recommend a taxi. 4. BUS. (40min) Several Busses just outside. There are guides helping you out get in the right buss. FROM TORP TO OSLO S(Oslo Central Station) There are shuttle busses going from the airport to the train station. Those busses are included in the train ticket. Train from Sandefjord to Oslo (1, 5 hours. ) FROM OSLO S To SENTRALEN (Congress Venue) (15min. Walking through the city centre. ) More Info below.

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Phone: 40 740 210 990
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when: January 21 @ 9am - January 24 @ 9pm
where: Sentralen, Øvre Slottsgate 3, 0157 Oslo, Norway map
category: Salsa

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