Brazilian Samba With Sandra!

Brazilian Samba with Sandra!
Oct 21

Brazilian Samba With Sandra!

Due to interest, Sandra Kosev will be teaching a FULL 8 week course in Brazilian Samba! ○ What is Samba? ○ Samba was created by African people in Brazil from the music and dance culture they brought from Africa. Samba music is very similar to and has been influenced by many Angolan music genres, as well as many other Latin American music genres and dances. The term “samba” originally referred to any of several Latin duet dances with origins from the Congo and Angola. Today Samba is the most prevalent dance form in Brazil, and reaches the height of its importance during the festival of Carnaval.There is actually a set of dances, rather than a single dance, that define the Samba dancing scene in Brazil; however, no one dance can be claimed with certainty as the “original” Samba style. Besides Brazilian Samba, a major style of Samba is ballroom Samba, which differs significantly. ○ What will this course cover? ○ Sandra will be teaching the several basics of Samba, including hip and arm movement. Part of her choreography will be rehearsed in class to practice each new step! Most importantly, she will cover the ATTITUDE of Samba and how to work it on the dance floor! Your abs will be so toned by the end of these 8 weeks. ;) **Note: If you really enjoy Samba, Sandra is looking for people to join her performance team! You will be learning her routine and performing it, feathers and all!** ○ Details ○ When: Thursdays, 9-10 pm starting Sept 9 Price: $135/person | $20/drop in Where: 245 Sheppard Ave W, third floor Register online here: [hidden] No dance or Samba experience required! Join us for a taste of Rio and an amazing workout. See you on the dance floor! ;) - The Dance ConneXion More Info below.

when: October 21 @ 9pm - 10pm
where: Dance ConneXion, Unit 315, 245 Sheppard Ave. West, Toronto, on, M2N 1N2, CA map
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Tips: How to find us: Take the stairs to the 3rd floor! :). More Info
price: $16.8799991607666
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