Rocky Balberna

Rocky Balberna
Nov 05

Rocky Balberna

Rocky Balberna 2021 Balboa classes and parties with live bands in Bern Fortunately, we were able to win over the teacher couples and bands for 2021. We look forward to seeing you at Rocky Balberna from November 5th to 7th, 2021 . Intermediate / Advanced On Friday we start Rocky Balberna with a button with Amy Alex. For the Saturday workshop you register individually and specify your level and preferred role (leader / follower). In the morning you choose your courses on site: You choose which topics and teachers you want to attend and look for the appropriate dance room. The choice is yours again after each lesson. The following applies: first come, first served! All participants are therefore expected to be open to the level and role. The focus of the individual teacher pairs will be announced. Flashlight on Balboa (at the end of the workshop, for all participants together): It's about scene building and mutual exchange. The teacher pairs from the Int / Adv workshop discuss together with the band leaders the ideas and opportunities for the development of the Balboa scene in Switzerland. They give you inputs from the local scenes: What is important to them, why do they love Balboa? What tips do they have for you, what do they give you on the dance floor? Let yourself be inspired! In total there will be workshops for participants on Friday and Saturday at 5 h. basic Of course we have a beginner spot again in 2020! This is structured in such a way that the lessons always take place immediately before the party. After the lesson, what you have learned can be tried out on the dance floor. An ideal weekend for an introduction to the Balboa world! Sabrina and Irne teach you the Balboa basics in two 1 hours so that you can insist on the dance floor and join the party on the first evening! The course is constructive, so don't miss the start on Friday evening! More Info below.

when: November 5 @ 9am - November 7 @ 9pm
where: Bern, Switzerland map
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