Vietnam International Latin Festival 2022 (5th Edition) - Official Event

Vietnam International Latin Festival 2022 (5th Edition) - Official Event
Mar 31

Vietnam International Latin Festival 2022 (5th Edition) - Official Event

Vietnam International Latin Festival 2022 (5th Edition) - THE BIGGEST LATIN DANCE EVENT IN VIETNAM. Super-attractive event will take place next March in Hanoi, dont miss it. : - , . : Buy tickets today, for you, with the cheapest price. [hidden] . : [hidden] . - : : Fernando Sosa Tatiana (Italy) Ataca Alemana (USA) Ernesto Denisse (USA) Luis Andrea (Spain) Simone Serena (Italy) David Zepeda (Mexico) Emanuela Lafrate (Italy) Tamba Salsache Hissirou (France) Ruben Lee (Mexico) Willy Danya (Mexico) Inwoo Elsa (South Korea) Mari Yogo (Japan) Jaime Jesus Mary Grace (Australia) Artia Zandian (Australia) Jonathan Rizumu (Japan) Jeio Teresa (South Korea) Beko Mong (South Korea) Suim Kwon (South Korea) Rey Ana (Holland) Federico Paola (Australia) Nick Vivienne (Singapore) Ssik Yomi (South Korea) Gasi Jiyoon (South Korea) Karina Mac (South Korea) Calvin Wang (Taiwan) Jeff Alex (Malaysia) Ana Palma (Philippines) Puma Liso (South Korea) Reyno Suci (Indonexia) Sherman Mosquito (Hongkong) Harry Ang (Malaysia) Apple Busakorn (Thailand) Yavit Singh (India) John Anthony (India) . : Albir Rojas Natalia (Spain) Tony Pirata Aurea (France Spain) Azzedine Andrea (France) DJ Chad (France) Poppa KD (USA) SAS (Guadeloupe) Sanjay MJ (India) Dave Vainqueur (Hongkong) Antonia Alma (France) Aydar Fayzrakhmanov (Russia) Christina Cat Ng (Hongkong) . : Kumbatah (Mexico China) Salsoul Dancers (South Korea) Zaoko Dancers (South Korea) Dance Mambo (Australia) One+ Mambo Project (Taiwan) Atabey D.C. (Holland) Salsa S.W.A.T (Australia) Vietnam Mambo Project (Vietnam) TLDA (Taiwan) Pm11 Dance Team (South Korea) Pumas Bachata Team (South Korea) Ministry Of Bachata (Malaysia) rumPUREE (Thailand) Kuala Lumpur Touch (Malaysia) Womanity by Maria Ramos (Malaysia) A.Dance Company (Philippines) . - : DJ Chad (France) DJ Oj (Egypt) DJ Freeman (South Korea) DJ Poppa KD (USA) DJ Mishow (Egypt) DJ Tim (South Korea) DJ N.A.M (Vietnam) DJ Selva (Malaysia) DJ Gia (Hongkong) DJ Ploy (Thailand) DJ Harry (Malaysia) . : Videographer: Steve Mi - StarMamboVideo (France) MC: Jaime Jesus (Australia) Photographers: - Asanka (Sri Lanka) - Denis Boisvert (Canada) Promoters: - Amor Mio (South Korea) - Nhung Phung (Vietnam) - Rio Shin (South Korea) . : Quang Thinh Khanh Thu (Sfire - Hanoi) Sandy Phan (XSalsa - Saigon) SinHan TranDao (La Salsa - Saigon) Ngoc Nam Bich Ngoc (Spring Salsa - Hanoi) Rong Viet (Spring Salsa - Haiphong) . : 04 Hours Bootcamp (On2) by Fernando Sosa Tatiana (Italy) 06 Hours Bootcamp by Simone Serena (Italy) 4 Hours Instructor Training Certification Program - Special program for Instructor by Albir Rojas (Spain) 2 Hours by Ernesto Denisse (USA) 2 Hours by Tony Aurea (France) 2 Hours by Azzedine Andrea (France) . You will have 3 days 4 nights with: Many world-famous artists, talented dancers and groups from all over Asia in all three kinds of dance: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba will participate in the event. A lot of interesting and magnificent performances (60 shows), carefully prepared by artists and dance teams. 3 Days Workshop, with more than 40+ Hrs workshops, 3 Bootcamps 2 Master Classes of the best instructors. 4 Nights social parties until 3am (Pre-party 3 nights main event) at 3 Dance halls (Salsa hall / Bachata hall / Kizomba hall) with the serve of reputed DJs. : dancing on the cruise sailing combining the beautiful tour around Halong Bay, enjoy the top 7 natural wonders of the world. [hidden] . # : - : Nam Ngoc Doan - Ngoc Bich - : [hidden] - : [hidden] - : [hidden] - : [hidden] - /: (+84) 98242.8486 (+84) 97.8866.070 . , , , . !!! More Info below.

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when: March 31 @ 9am - April 4 @ 9pm
where: Vietnam International Latin Festival, 9 Đào Duy Anh, Kim Liên, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Vietnam map
category: Salsa

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