Hamburg Salsa Marathon - Autumn Edition 2021

Hamburg Salsa Marathon - Autumn Edition 2021
Oct 08

Hamburg Salsa Marathon - Autumn Edition 2021

The Hamburg Salsa Marathon 2021 - Autumn Edition. The Hamburg Salsa Marathons in 2018 and 2019 were each of them a huge success and both editions got an amazing feedback from the attendees. Now for 2021 we are optimistic and we expect the situation to get better, thus we decided to go a step further and offer you TWO editions of your favorite Salsa Marathon - the Autumn Edition in October and the NYE Edition in December! Of course, there is no reason why you shouldnt take part in both. Our mission is to be your perfect hosts making sure you feel like home while following your unstoppable passion for learning and social dancing. We offer you an opportunity to spend three days with friends to celebrate your passion for dancing while learning and practicing as much as you can. Valuable time to make new friends and to do what we all love: dancing! Your home for those three days (and maybe four nights) will be the Studio El Abrazo in Hamburg Altona, the same venue we used for the first two editions. As a dance studio it disposes over a perfect dancefloor, great sound system and is well located, we couldnt think of a better place to meet our family. Once again the number of attendees will be limited to 150 people and we will choose the perfect blend of dancers from all over Europe to share their passion with you. We will bring you 5 of the best DJs in our community to offer you the best and most danceable music when training and living your passion, to cater for your needs. Some more DJs we will be streaming from the more remote parts of the world to keep them connected with us. And the most important part - you will be able to meet your friends, chatting and laughing with them, practicing your social dancing with your partner and learning some new techniques. However - this will not be a normal Hamburg Salsa Marathon keeping in mind the Covid-19 pandemic. Well, we believe that after vaccination has started, things will get easier and some restrictions will be lifted or eased. But we expect - and so should you - that many measures will still be in place. More Info below.

when: October 8 @ 9am - October 11 @ 9pm
where: Beerenweg 1d, Beerenweg 1D, 22761 Hamburg, Germany map
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Phone: 49 1522 3878424
[email protected]
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