Intermediate Salsa On”2″ & Bachata Class @ Mucho Rythm

Intermediate  Salsa On”2″ & Bachata Class  @ Mucho Rythm
May 23

Intermediate Salsa On”2″ & Bachata Class @ Mucho Rythm

These classes are designed for dancers who already know the basics and have a good working knowledge of each respective dance. We will focus on intermediate to advanced level patterns (the range of patterns would be comparable to Bronze 3 and 4 and Silver 1 and 2 figures) including unique combinations, advanced partner work, style, execution, variety and interpretation. These classes are fairly fast paced and will cover two dances per session. We will work on linking the patterns in fun and interesting ways and guarantee that we will deviate from many of the standard syllabi. Each group class is limited to 12 students. 10 Per person per class. No partner necessary. The Styling, Technique Drills And Turns class will deal with styling for men and woman in selected dances, we will introduce different drills to work on technique during your own practices, and finally it will introduce a variety of turns to work on to improve across all your dances. More Info below.

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Phone: (919) 413-7464
[email protected]
when: May 23 @ 8pm - 9pm
where: Mucho Rhythm, 6308 Angus Dr, Raleigh, NC 27617, USA map
category: Salsa




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