Salsa Unicorns Dance Classes

Salsa Unicorns Dance Classes
Oct 24

Salsa Unicorns Dance Classes

Beginners/middle level Learn the basics of our beautiful Salsa Colombiana. basic and typical Salsa Colombiana steps technique for leading and following turns body posture tension usind the count efficently staying in the rhythm Nowadays you can learn to dance Salsa in many classic dancing schools. We believe that dancers need a new challenge and a new concept! We Imagine that its even more awesome to learn how to dance Salsa having a party and working out at the same time! Thats Why we founded Salsa Unicorns and offer Salsa Colombiana classes. For totally beginners and advanced Salsa dancers. For people who want to develop their own style, learn a lot of new steps and improve their dancing skills. For people who search for a new challenge and who want to connect to a great community. Other than a classic dancing classes our Salsa Colombiana classes are a mixture of learning technique, workout and party. Our goal is that you learn a lot of steps, find your own style and have a great community to practice with. More Info below.

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Phone: 4915252597559
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when: October 24 @ 4pm - 5pm
where: Salsa Unicorns, Zossener Str. 24, 10961 Berlin, Germany map
category: Salsa



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