Salsa Cubana - Salsa Dance Course For Beginners

Salsa Cubana - Salsa Dance Course For Beginners
Jun 30

Salsa Cubana - Salsa Dance Course For Beginners

The Salsa dance course: You should take a relaxed approach to learning salsa, because it is also a casual dance. In the Estudio we start with loosening exercises and then move on to the rhythm. With the movement in time, the feeling for Cuban salsa music soon emerges. The basic salsa step is now almost automatic - the salsa literally gets in your legs. Since 1986 we have been teaching salsa cubana as it is danced in Cuba: relaxed and flexible in the body, with sensual hip movements and plenty of freedom for improvisations up to Timba, Chachach and Bachata. With us you will experience the joie de vivre of the Caribbean and have fun learning salsa! The Basic salsa step and the salsa music : in our Salsa cubana course you will learn to listen to the music in detail until you feel a certain rhythm. At first it is difficult to hear the emphasis in salsa music. If we understand the cycle in polyrhythmics, which is determined by Clave and Conga, salsa music will soon be danceable for every beginner. The Salsa basic steps can now be danced precisely to the rhythm. The Latino swing is already supported by the careful selection of music in the Salsa trial lesson, so that the basic step can be danced safely in all directions very soon. More Info below.

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Phone: 030 43775176
when: June 30 @ 4pm - 5:15pm
where: E Studio America, Heidestraße 46, 10557 Berlin, Germany map
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