Salsa Advanced Level 1 @ Misalsa

Salsa Advanced Level 1 @ Misalsa
Dec 07

Salsa Advanced Level 1 @ Misalsa

In the upper level, the technique is mainly deepened in Cuban dance. The different influences that occur in SALSA CUBANA, such as AFRO, RUMBA, SON, TIMBA, GUAGUANCO, CHANGUI etc. Are explained to make your dance richer, so that you gain more and more independence when improvising. A good SALSA LEVEL is a prerequisite here. This training is aimed at those interested in the above-mentioned qualifications of the dance teacher training in misalsa and entitles the participants to professionally qualified dance lessons of the completed level in the desired style. The training ends with the teaching of the candidate and a final examination, which includes written and practical components. The final exam is taken by misalsa, and misalsa issues the license after successful completion. This training applies in particular to our dance courses at misalsa, since the content of the learned characters and their implementation are geared towards the MISALSA dance students. After successfully completing the training, the participants are able to design dance classes or courses appropriate to the target group with methodical-didactic knowledge and the associated skills and abilities. Obtaining the title enables graduates to represent the dance teacher in the corresponding levels 1 to 3 or to conduct courses independently. The minimum age for participation in dance teacher training is 18 years. More Info below.

when: December 7 @ 7:30pm - 9pm
where: Misalsa, Richard-Wagner-Platz, 10585 Berlin, Germany map
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