Advance Cuban Salsa Level 5 @ Passada Dance Club

Advance Cuban Salsa Level 5 @ Passada Dance Club
Apr 15

Advance Cuban Salsa Level 5 @ Passada Dance Club

NEW STUDENT OFFER Thinking of getting your groove on in 2020? Here's A pretty damn good incentive to do just that! New Students, take advantage of new year 2 week trial! 2 Weeks of unlimited beginner open classes for just 50! 30 Classes- 10 different styles to try - 50 only! What Is PASSADA? In Some Lusophone Africa (Portuguese speaking African countries), the dance kizomba is actually called passada. Passada is a Portuguese word which means step or a pattern of sequential steps. We live by the philosophy of Passada Life. Step by step, we walk and dance through life. We connect through Passada; we connect through dance. We believe in building a community and connecting people through dance. Dance allows everyone to connect self-express, regardless of race, gender or level of dance experience. Joanna has over 25 years experience in dance and is well versed in a number of different genres including tap, jazz, belly dancing, Colombian and Cuban styles of salsa; and more recently kizomba and semba. Joanna has over 10 years experience in teaching Afro Latin dance and is particularly passionate about working with special groups, with particular focus on the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) refugee community as well as disadvantaged women. She has spent a number of years working with the Wesley Mission which allowed her to pursue her passion for empowering vulnerable and disadvantaged groups through music and dance. More Info below.

when: April 15 @ 7:15pm - 8pm
where: Passad Dance Club, 65 W Burleigh Rd, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, Australia map
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Phone: 0412 193 180
[email protected]
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