Beginner Salsa 1 @ 40/112 Mcevoy St

Beginner Salsa 1 @ 40/112 Mcevoy St
May 30

Beginner Salsa 1 @ 40/112 Mcevoy St

Salsa Classes Sydney Salsa refers to both a music genre and a dance style. With its origins in the Central and South America, it has developed all over the world carrying influences from many countries, dance styles and music genres. Salsa is, by far, the most popular of all Latin Dance styles and has grown into an international phenomenon which has taken the world by storm. Highly addictive, its become much more than a casual hobby for many its a passionate lifestyle for thousands of people all over the globe. These days, you can enjoy a great night of Salsa dancing in most big cities on the planet, and Sydney is no different.Running Latin Dance classes since 1999, were a mixed bag of professional dancers and business professionals with one thing in common: a passion for Latin Dance. We wield our skills with the aim to create a positive learning environment that is welcoming to everyone. We draw inspiration from our diversity, and each of us contribute to the fun and friendly environment we nurture in our school. More Info below.

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Phone: (02) 9552 3352
[email protected]
when: May 30 @ 5:30pm - 6:30pm
where: 40/112 Mcevoy St, 40/112 McEvoy St, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia map
category: Salsa




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