Advance Rsda Salsa Level 3

Advance Rsda Salsa Level 3
Dec 06

Advance Rsda Salsa Level 3

After being asked countless times, Ive decided to tell my story. Here are the facts for those of you who havent been around the salsa scene for very long and unaware but curious of the history of how I started dancing. Hope you find it entertaining and inspiring! I was dragged to a salsa club one fateful night in late 2000 by a friend after languishing at home after a bad relationship break-up. Salsa, what is that I said to my friend? Its a dip isnt it? I walked through those doors and was instantly overwhelmed by that sweet sexy music, oozing passion and energy with every note and mesmerized by what the dancers were doing on the floor. It was like I was struck by a bolt of lightning. I was awakened. I was hooked. So for about 2 months or so I searched very carefully for an instructor to properly introduce to me this beautiful dance we call Salsa. In the mean time I was doing all I could to educate myself on the history, various styles and evolution of this genre of dance. I needed an instructor to inspire me. Someone whos very moves on the floor would excite me to yell out I want HIM to be my instructor, I want to dance like him! No dance experience needed No partner required Structured progressive Beginners to Advanced levels Choice of 2 nights Includes 1 FREE Bachata class Next term commences MONDAY 6TH THURSDAY 9TH APRIL 2020 More Info below.

when: December 6 @ 8pm - 9pm
where: Subiaco Arts Centre, 180 Hamersley Rd, Subiaco WA 6008, Australia map
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Phone: 0413 234 434
[email protected]
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