Los Angeles Unified On2 Congress

Los Angeles Unified On2 Congress
Mar 27

Los Angeles Unified On2 Congress

were just months away from the year 2020. Theres something about those four numbers together that just sound futuristic, like a date that George Jetson or Flash Gordon would have signed on their checks. ,,Another year awaits full of surprises... Our emblem continues to be the elephant. In the innovation and our will to continue to take risks lies our resilience and the success of our events thanks to the awesome crowd of dancers that follow us day in and day out.,,On behalf of the Unified On2 Congress and the wonderful people who continue to support our events as staff and attendees, we want to extend our warmest greetings and welcome those from near and far to our second year congress here in L.A. (Irvine to be exact). I encourage you to make yourself right at home for the 3 days of congress, youre a part of our family. More Info below.

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Phone: (+1) 213-537-2572
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when: March 27 @ 9am - March 30 @ 9pm
where: Hilton Irvine Orange County Airport, 18800 MacArthur Blvd, Irvine, CA 92612, USA map
category: Salsa



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