Sincerely, Chicago: Handwriting Letters To Boost Voter Turnout Across America

Sincerely, Chicago: Handwriting Letters to Boost Voter Turnout Across America
Dec 08

Sincerely, Chicago: Handwriting Letters To Boost Voter Turnout Across America

Sincerely, Chicago is a monthly letter writing party to boost voter turnout in key races in 2020. Come join us! Hand-addressing letters to send voter registration forms to under-represented voters in crucial elections is a concrete action you can take to make a meaningful difference. In fact, pilot testing of this program indicates that handwritten letters are one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing voter turnout. The personal touch really does work! Which voters are we writing letters to? There are a number of states, districts, and counties where increased voter turnout will have a disproportionate impact in Presidential, Senate, and State House races. Through the combined efforts of two different organizations, Swing Left and Vote Forward, unlikely-to-vote people have been identified in these areas. By sending voter registration forms to these crucial and under-represented voters, election turn-out can be meaningfully increased where it counts most. All for the cost of a stamp and envelope! Further, this letter-writing campaign serves to increase civic participation among traditionally under-represented groups. In practice, this means we’re writing letters to people who live in majority-minority counties and who belong to groups such as racial minorities who have historically been under-represented in the electorate compared to their share of the population. Am I writing a whole letter? No, most of the important information is already printed and the forms included. You’re writing a sentence or two on each letter, then addressing, and adding a stamp. Who pays for this? The cost of stamps and all these forms adds up very fast. We do ask that volunteers donate at least $10 and/or bring 20 stamps. However, if you can’t donate, come anyway! More than anything we need your time and action. Where do the names/addresses come from? The data and addresses are collected and targeted by Vote Forward using data from state election authorities and third parties that clean and arrange the data into a usable format for mailing. Any questions may be directed to [hidden] Hope to see you there! If you can’t make it, but would like to donate, please venmo @Sincerely-Chicago More Info below.

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when: December 8 @ 12:30pm - 2:30pm
where: The iO Theater, 1501 North Kingsbury Street, Chicago, IL, 60642 map
price: Free
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