Salsa Absolute Beginner Course

Salsa Absolute beginner course
Dec 07

Salsa Absolute Beginner Course

Are you ready for summer latin party? Start a salsa with us!! We are starting a new Absolute beginner class every Saturday! No partner No experience needed! In this course, you can learn the basic steps for the salsa! Trial Price: 10 Euro Q1. What should I wear? A1. Anything that you feel comfortable enough to dance in. Q2. How much is monthly fee if I make a contract? A2. Please check our website. For one lesson per week it is 34.51 Euros a month (29 Euro + Tax). 1 month cancelation notice Q3. How long does this course last? A3. We will teach the basic moves within one month. but it is up to you how long you will continue! You can keep coming the absolute beginners class or change to the beginner class. [hidden] Location: ISM (Berlinakupunktur) Gesundheitszenturm Bergmannstrasse Haus 1 II. OG Directions to Our Dance Studio: 1) Go up the stairs next to Edeka and find the door on your right hand side… 2) walk up the stairs to the second floor… 3) then turn to the left. Do not walk to the gym! 4) Find the door with the “Berlinakupunkutur” sign on it. Our dance studio is right there! How to get to ISM [hidden] We have no auto confirmation email. More Info below.

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when: December 7 @ 3pm - 4pm
where: Berlinakupunktur, Bergmannstrasse 5 Gesundheitszentrum, Berlin, DE map
category: Salsa



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