Rueda De Casino Cuban Salsa

Rueda De Casino Cuban Salsa
Apr 18

Rueda De Casino Cuban Salsa

This is one of our weekly Sunday Rueda event. It is held under the Rotunda in the Glebe Park. Rain or no rain. Rueda means circle in Spanish. This is a fun progressive dance to Latin (SALSA) music. Like square dancing, Rueda has a leader who calls out the moves. The men lead and the women follow ( although the 'leadership' role is open to anyone). Rueda is a very social dance and it is important to watch the caller and move in time with the music. Anyone with Rueda experience are welcome. Ladies, as a follower, even if you don't have Rueda experience but do with the Salsa skill, you will be able to dance with us straight way. Gentlemen, as a leader, you do need to know some Rueda moves to join. If you wish to learn the Rueda moves as beginner, you can attend the Saturday's free Rueda for beginners event posted in the meetup per following linkhttps: //www. Meetup. Com/Noche-latinafor your safety and comfort, please wear comfortable and soft footwear. Please note, this event is also listed in the Meetup, so don't be discouraged by the RSVP numbers you may see here (some regular members do not even use Facebook or Meetup). Public Liability waiverby rsvping Yes or attending this event you acknowledge and accept that no public liability insurance covers this event and you indemnify the Group, its leaders, those assisting the organising and those participating in the activity against any injury or loss you may sustain or cause to others through your participation in the event. More Info below.

when: April 18 @ 2pm - 4pm
where: Glebe Park, Glebe Park, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia map
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