Blues & Fusion Fika (Bff 2019)

Blues & Fusion Fika (BFF 2019)
Oct 25

Blues & Fusion Fika (Bff 2019)

Welcome to the first ever Blues and Fusion festival in Stockholm! Were calling it Blue Fika Fest since our blues is blue, our fusion is blues-inspired, and fika is our way of life. You can expect: A cozy, friendly atmosphere with high snack-availability Three nights of social dancing Two bands (one blues, one fusion) Blues and fusion classes with international teachers that were really excited about! (Note that each class will be either blues or fusion, as we love both styles but also want to emphasize the difference between them. ) We also love having visitors from outside of Stockholm, so we will do our very best to find hosting solutions for everyone interested. TEACHERS Flouer Evelyn (US) Shirel Jen Archambeau (FR) BANDS: The Sky Is Crying (Gothenburg) Fusion band TBD As Wikipedia describes it - Swedes have fika (Swedish pronunciation: fika), meaning coffee break, often with pastries, although coffee can be substituted with tea, juice, lemonade, or squash for children. The tradition has spread throughout Swedish businesses around the world. Fika is a social institution in Sweden and the practice of taking a break with a beverage and snack that is widely accepted as central to Swedish life. As a common mid-morning and mid-afternoon practice at workplaces in Sweden, fika may also function partially as an informal meeting between co-workers and management people, and it can even be considered impolite not to join in. A sandwich, fruit or a small meal may be called fika as the English concept of afternoon tea. Welcome! SWEDISH SWING SOCIETY www. swedishswing. se More Info below.

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when: October 25 @ 9am - October 27 @ 9pm
where: Odengatan 89, Stockholm, Sweden map
category: Swing




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