My Balboa Weekend With John And Julia Wharington

MY Balboa Weekend with John and Julia Wharington
Nov 01

My Balboa Weekend With John And Julia Wharington

Register now! https: mybalnov19. dancecamps. orgbooking. php We are excited to welcome John and Julia Wharington from Melbourne, Australia for another installment of MY Balboa Weekend! John and Julia Wharington are passionate about Balboa, and they love sharing their love for the dance with dancers at any level. For the last decade, they have taught numerous Balboa workshops, troupes and classes in Australia and overseas. From their classes you can expect to receive a solid grounding in the foundations of Balboa all the way to challenges that get you thinking out of the box, all bundled in a fun and unique package. Their aim is to get you up and dancing on the social dance floor, dancing Balboa comfortably and looking good in no time. John and Julia have won many Australian Balboa Championships, and also have won or placed in various Balboa competitions in the USA. They are experts in their field, who focus on creative teaching techniques and bringing an infectious enthusiasm to their classes. Together they run Australias only Balboa and Shag festival, All the Cats Join In in Melbourne. Our own scene has been steadily growing and we are looking forward to having them share their knowledge with us! In an effort to help promote Balboa, we are providing the following discounts Discount Info: In an effort to promote regional Balboa events, we are offering discounts to those who are attending select other workshops: 15% off for those attending one of the following: Aug 9-11: Sendai Balboa Festival https: www. facebook. comevents[hidden]68040 Aug 10-11: Shanghai Balboa Workshop with Robin and https: mp. weixin. qq. coms62L6XOH5lEbZ0HeDLSGLFw Sept 1st: Balboa with Lainey Silver (Singapore) https: www. facebook. comevents[hidden]80440 Sept 13-15 Beijing Balboa Weekend https: www. facebook. comevents[hidden]75750 Sept 13-15 Sydney Balboa Weekend https: www. facebook. comevents[hidden]32730 Sept 13-15 The Springtime Shuffle (Perth, Aus) https: www. facebook. comevents[hidden]52942 Oct 5-6: Brisbane Balboa Weekend https: www. facebook. comevents[hidden]93055 Nov 15-17: Korea Balboa Weekend (KBW) https: www. facebook. comevents[hidden]11996 Dec 7-8: Tokyo Balboa Weekend https: www. facebook. comevents[hidden]488052 20% off for those who attended: Jul 26-28: MY Balboa Workshop With Scott and Miyabi, Laurent and Solen https: www. facebook. comevents[hidden]37422 25% off for those who attended two or more events listed above More Info below.

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when: November 1 @ 9am - November 3 @ 9pm
where: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia map
category: Swing



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