Blues Meets Balboa With Adamo & Vicci

Blues meets Balboa with Adamo & Vicci
Nov 08

Blues Meets Balboa With Adamo & Vicci

2nd Edition of Blues meets Balboa - with Vicci Adamo 08. -10. 11. 2019 We loved your enthusiasm and the magic of bringing together our two favourite dances so much that we have to do it again! Our beloved Vicci Adamo and the amazing Christine The Blue Drags already confirmed and we can't imagine it any other way We are so happy to announce that Stefano Ronchi will be our Special Guest for that weekend! Registration starts 08. 07. 2019, 12 pm here: https: swingconnection-leipzig. comswing-dancing-eventsblues-meets-balboa-2019 You will get: - 3 Partys with live music - pass options: Full Pass (3h Blues, 3h Balboa, 2h Crossover (Vicci Adamo, Level Int) Blues Track (3h Blues (Vicci Adamo, Level Int. ) + optional Crossover class Balboa Track (3h Balboa (Vicci Adamo, Level Int. ) + optional Crossover class Mixed Track 1 (3h Blues Int. + 1h Crossover BegInt. (Vicci Adamo) + 3h Balboa Beg. (SwingConnection Leipzig) Mixed Track 2 (3h Balboa Int. + 1h Crossover BegInt. (Vicci Adamo) + 3h Blues Beg. (SwingConnection Leipzig) Beginner Full Pass (3h Blues, 3h Balboa (SwingConnection Leipzig) - hosting option (not guaranteed but we will try our best to find a host for you) More infos at: https: swingconnection-leipzig. comswing-dancing-eventsblues-meets-balboa-2019 If there are any questions left - feel free to ask at any time! We can't wait to see you in November in Leipzig Your Organzier Team Hanna and Katja More Info below.

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when: November 8 @ 9am - November 10 @ 9pm
where: Leipzig, Germany map
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