Roffa Balboa Weekend 2019

Roffa Balboa Weekend 2019
Nov 22

Roffa Balboa Weekend 2019

It's gonna happen, the next Roffa Balboa Weekend! It's gonna be snug, its gonna be inspiring and its gonna be magic! Teachers Miss Shani B. Mel Jo Live music by: Sunset Swing Lester's Blues Irene's Gypsy Swing Band . .. The registration dates for the Roffa Balboa Weekend are here! Registration date for Full Passes lottery start on Agust 25 at noon and will close September 11 at noon. Registeration date for Party Passes start at September 8 at 8 pm20 hrs. Registration lottery To take away everyones registration stress we will give you a week to register. The lottery will decide if you will have a spot. This concept has been used for several events and has been proven to be a fair game. The new workshop set-up will also give you more time to contemplate your track choices. Everyone that registers after the official registration week can be admitted to available spots as in first come, first served or will be waitlisted. Party Passes There will be no lottery, but first come, first served, limited spots only due to venue capacity. Registration with or without partner? Registration without partner is possible, ofcourse. But we will be confirming you based on the leadfollow balance. Want to ensure your place? Register with a partner! Beginners We will not offer absolute beginner classes. BUT we are contemplating a smaller track on Saturday for dancers that dance less than 1. 5 years. Questions about your registration can be sent to our special mailbox: roffaswing. reg ad gmail. com A new concept: Sessions More power to the participants! Instead of regular classes divided in usual levels we changed some things. Roffa Balboa Weekend values the concept of students taking reponsibility for their own learning. What does that mean? Forget a regular class where teachers tell you what to do. Instead we will have sessions where you will work on concepts with your fellow students under the guidance of the best mentors you could wish for. Tracks Roffa Balboa Weekend offers 4 theme tracks that are mixed level, but some tracks will be more suitable for dancers with less or more experience. When you register, you will be asked you for your track preference. You are also asked to specify a topic you would like to work on within that theme. Its okay if you dont have any exact ideas, but it would be a great start for you to prepare yourself for the sessions if you do. We will try to place you in the track of preference if there is space available and if the dance experience fits the overall level for that track. So it may happen that you will be place in track of your 2nd choice. The Bal Swing You learned some great moves, you know your lollies and can do your out ins blindfolded. But now you are ready to make them supersmooth! Your connection to your partner and the music will be key ingredients to become the master of flow. The Social Bal you just love to be on the floor and dance with everybody. You are in for fun on the floor, regardless of the level of your partner. Hence working on a relaxed connection with different partners is something you would love to investigate. Your third partner is the music, you know the music is significant to your movement and you would love to explore this deeper. The Pure Bal Tech time for pure bal! You want to work on different rhythms and footwork. Music is key again, you want to learn how to play with your feet, change your rhythm in synch with your partner. You like to puzzle over shuffles, fans, triples, taps, and you want to get into the nitty-gritty of it all. Canncelled: The Slow Bal Track will be cancelled as the interest for the other 3 tracks is much bigger and just don't have enough particpants to fill up an entire track for slow bal sad face. We still offer the slow bal taster on Saturday afternoon. Scroll down for more information. The Slow Bal you just love to be on the floor and dance with everybody but at a slower pace. You have done some courses or intensive workshops in slow bal and are very keen to explore. Working on a relaxed connection with different partners is something you would love to investigate. You know the music is significant to how you move and would love to pace your movement to slow swing. Since we there will be a more relaxed registration system you will have more time to consider your choice of tracks. Taking ownership of your learning, let's dive into it! Extras! Slow Balboa Taster with Lucin Deirdre of Slowfeet Studio, as far as we know the first dance studio that teachers Slow Balboa courses. City walk through Rotterdam's swinging times with Marly from Timeless Rotterdam Tours. More Info below.

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when: November 22 @ 9am - November 24 @ 9pm
where: Schoterbosstraat 17, Rotterdam, Netherlands map
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