Beyond The Basics: Lindy Hop Basics

Beyond the Basics: Lindy Hop Basics
Sep 23

Beyond The Basics: Lindy Hop Basics

Celia and Chris are teaming up for the first time to brining you Fizz's next BtB: Lindy Hop Basics! Their goal will be to introduce the following building blocks of Lindy Hop by using the 8-count swing out. The three week course will cover the topics of: 9/16 Week 1: Connection - learn the basic rhythm of the 8-count leading up to the swing out 9/23 Week 2: Pulse - activate the heartbeat of Lindy Hop while comleting the swing out 9/30 Week 3: Spacing - make sure there's room for you and your partner Registration for all three classes will be $30 prior to the start of the class on 9/16 or $15 per class a-la-carte. Registration will be closed by the beginning of the first class. Payment for class will cover admission to the dance. Prereqs for the class: please have an understanding of the six-count East Coast dance that is taught in the weekly, intro class. Celia and Chris will take it from there! More Info below.

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when: September 23 @ 8pm - 9pm
where: The Apartment at Lion Head, 2251 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL, 60614 map
category: Swing



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