Harmonic Alignment - Emotional Luxury

Harmonic Alignment - Emotional Luxury
Sep 20

Harmonic Alignment - Emotional Luxury

After taking a healthy summer hiatus to recharge our core systems and re-balance ourselves though nature we are delighted to announce the return of our monthly Harmonic Alignment sound meditation sessions with Pyradym.Swinging back into motion Friday September 20th at our spiritual base of Golden Light Yoga we are bubbling with an unheralded amount of light energy to illuminate the room.Excited to share some of our most recent discoveries from the ever unfolding world of Unseen Energies the focus for this session is set upon the state of Emotional Luxury.Emotional Luxury is a state of happiness and satisfaction.It is being comfortable with who you are, with what is happening to you and with where your life journey is leading to.It is in the appreciation of the beautiful and the exquisite, it is in the sub-conscious and conscious knowing of why you feel good, this awareness leads to expansion, evolving from fulfillment.​It is being aware of the process and honoring it at all times, in its beauty and even in its side steps, realizing they were needed and served us a purpose.​It is our most natural state of being.We feel this session will be one not to be missed and in order to avoid any unnecessary disappointment we encourage obtaining tickets from EventBrite to ensure your space for the evening.We gather from 7pm onwards with meditation from 8.15 - 9.30, followed by a brief sharing, then mingling and tingling until we feel to depart.Please appreciate that we are unable to honor arrival after 8.15pm.We look forward to sharing energy with all our fellow truthseekers and wish you much Love, Light and Laughter for your days until...Please bring:A Yoga Mat if you have one as ours run thin.A bottle of water to remain hydrated.A smile.An open mind.Any doubts, fears, apprehensions, worries or insecurities that need transforming. A friend, relative or co-worker in need of energetic alignment.Experience, Learn and Evolve... More Info below.

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when: September 20 @ 7pm - 10:30pm
where: Golden Light Yoga, 231 Norman Ave Ste 511, New York, NY, 11222 map
category: Swing



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