Sensual Bachata Saturdays: Focus On Head Rolls And Impulsos

Sensual Bachata Saturdays: Focus on Head Rolls and Impulsos
Sep 14

Sensual Bachata Saturdays: Focus On Head Rolls And Impulsos

Overview Welcome to Sensual Bachata Saturdays with Maria and Mario! In these workshops we will cover common sensual bachata figures with a focus on lead/follow technique, body movement/conditioning, and social dance etiquette and safety. In each session we will do an in-depth focus on a specific sensual bachata concept or figure in addition to reviewing material covered in previous sessions. Each class will open with 30 minutes of stretching and conditioning exercises and end with 20-30 minutes of practice and individual instruction. Bring water and wear something comfortable for moving and stretching! This Week In this session we will focus on two fundamental moves in sensual bachata: head rolls and impulsos.For leads we will discuss techniques for leading both moves gently and clearly from a variety of positions while avoiding common pitfalls. We will also cover some “meta-moves” that can be challenging for leads, such as transitioning from our usual steps into open stance. For follows we will discuss how to coordinate movement of the head and body in a way that avoids discomfort and loss of balance, how to follow the direction and pace set by our partner without back-leading or losing connection, and how to distinguish head roll and impulso leads from similar moves. We will also discuss options for redirecting unwelcome head roll. Details Level: Improver (see details below) When: Saturday, September 14, 2019, 12:00pm-3:00pm Location: Omni Salsa, 5615 Richmond Ave #150, Houston, Texas 77057 Bring water and clothing comfortable for movement. No partner required. Level: Improver These workshops are for students who: Have already mastered basic bachata timing, figures, and lead/follow techniques and now would like to start dancing sensual bachata, Have recently started dancing sensual bachata and would like to learn additional figures and techniques, Have experience dancing sensual bachata and would like to focus on improving a specific aspect of dance (eg. smoothing out patchy lead/follow technique, developing the strength and flexibility necessary for more difficult moves, improving styling and posture, learning more about the focus topic being covered that week, etc), Have experience with other dance styles and would like to learn sensual bachata figures and techniques without having to complete a full beginner course. Contact Info For more information, message Maria McRaven or Mario Miranda. More Info below.

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when: September 14 @ 12pm - 3pm
where: Omni Salsa Dance Studio, 5615 Richmond Avenue, #150, Houston, TX, 77057 map
category: Salsa



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