Salsa & Bachata Dance W/Alki T-Shirt - Intro Lesson - Dj Ricardo & Arnold

Salsa & Bachata Dance w/Alki T-shirt - intro lesson - Dj Ricardo & Arnold
Sep 14

Salsa & Bachata Dance W/Alki T-Shirt - Intro Lesson - Dj Ricardo & Arnold

Welcome to Salsa & Bachata on Alki Beach. Hosted by Belltown Dance Studio. We are super excited celebrating our 10 Years Anniversary this year. Please share this amazing outdoor summer dance event with your friends Located: 2726 Alki Ave. SW Seattle - Sept. 14th -*** ROCK YOUR ANNIVERSARY T-SHIRT AND WIN A PRICE***-Dj Ricardo & Arnold Camueroa Men's T shirts & Ladies tanks are available to be purchase $15. Sorry, we are very limited in stock, currently out of size M for ladies tanks. Sept. 21st, (Salsa & Bachata @ Bell Street Park Dj Dee-Free cover)[hidden] Alki Event is Sept. 28th, Dj Yambu & Felix Chu Bachata & salsa on Alki Beach COST:$15 cover for live music or$20 @ 5pm with 1hr intro salsa & bachata lesson dance event all inclusive.Dance partners are NOT needed. Please be on time.Open dance floor 6pm-10pm. "Cash or Master/Visa only please" *Raffling 2 Dinner at Pegasus Pizza, Dance lessons & 20 Anniversary T-shirts to lucky winners [hidden] Alki Ave. SW Seattle. WA Local [hidden] Pizza. Important info: You are require to have your wristband is visible at all times while dancing, dancing off the dance floor is a violation under our permit, to avoid shutting down this amazing event, violators will be approached by our security or by a police officer. (( Please make extra time for parking or car pool ))-Shoes All dance shoes are welcome as we have a dance floor laid out for your pleasure. (Duct tape or any sharp metal objects such as staples, expose nail of your shoes is NOT allowed)_____________-- Rules & Guidelines --We ask all dancer to purchase your wrist band purchase prior to dancing to void the possibility of being escorted off the floor by security in the middle of your dance. *Though this is a public park, it is by law & city codes that all amplified music must be permit to play. To void our awesome event to be shut down on site day of, we ask all dancers please (( DO NOT )) dance outside of the rented dance floor area blocking car paths and pedestrians walk way, as this is violating the city parks rules. -- Performers --All dance performances on Alki Beach are by choice, and it must be approved by Belltown Dance Studio, because this event is hosted, founded and funded all by Belltown Dance Studio, we ask that all performers have a clear understanding and to respect our rules and policy. As a performer, we are more then happy to announce your dance company or your dance studio before your performance and after your performance, but nothing beyond that such as fliers business cards distribution. -- Promoters --Fliers, posters, business cards, etc. If you wish to promote your company or your up coming events, please ask for approval by organizer. Contact organizer at[hidden] Our event is a rented space by Belltown Dance Studio, under the city codes with parks & recreation, we have the rights to ask violators to leave the site. -Video/photos Feel free to take photos or videos, but please tag or share it with us on fb send us a link from Youtube. [hidden] -StaffWe are seeking staff for 1-3hrs. 3pm-5:30pm & 10pm-10:45pm, please txt or call us regarding volunteering or pay rate at[hidden] We like to thank you for your understanding and your continue support to keep these awesome out door dance events going. Your feedback are always welcome, please feel free to send us an email at [hidden] Look forward to see all of you at the beach!Friend us on facebook: Jim Chow or like us [hidden] [hidden] How to find us: Music More Info below.

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when: September 14 @ 5pm - 10pm
where: 2726 Alki Ave SW, 2726 Alki Ave SW, Seattle, WA, 98116 map
category: Salsa



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