Private Salsa And Cumbia Dance Class

Private Salsa and Cumbia dance class
Jul 22

Private Salsa And Cumbia Dance Class

Join us for an immersive one-to-one Salsa & Cumbia dance class led by Mexican based Latin choreographer, Marcia. You will learn all the sill you need to impress any partner on a night out dancing. We will begin by getting you to learn in a fun, natural and entertaining way to dance salsa and cumbia. You´ll learn to feel and interpret the music at every moment, encouraging communication with other people and social skills in both individual and couples dance at any skill level. This class will focus on building a connection with your partner so you can listen to your bodies and not worry so much about the 1, 2,3 but start enjoying the music and your body moving to the hot rhythm. You will develop motor skills, body awareness, self-esteem and have a load of fun doing it!! I work with individuals or couples at any skill level, teaching them Salsa and Cumbia in an interactive and fun way . What you will learn: * Basic steps & free steps * Posture* Driving * Spatiality* Connection in couple* Musicality & musical interpretation1: BasicsTwo people learning the steps, to move in unison and hold themselves comfortably without stepping on each other. 2: Basic steps and variations The couple dancing to the music while basic steps and variations are made.3: Sequence and use of spaceCouple learns sequences of steps. They begin to use space, rotation and changes of direction, while maintaining the rhythm and flow of the dance.4th: Guidance and DrivingThe lead can stop worrying about their steps and start to lead their partner with ease and control. Improving their skills and guiding their partner 5th: Musical performance and ImprovisationThe couple begins to play with the rhythm, changes of rhythm, accents and stops.6th: FeelingThe dancer feels the music and manages the mood of each song to compliment the dance moves. More Info below.

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when: July 22 @ 6:30pm - 8:30pm
where: Victoria Park, Grove Rd, London E3 5TB, London, England map
category: Salsa



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