Black Lindy Hop Matters: Afro Swing! Mozambican Lindy Hop Craze

Black Lindy Hop Matters: Afro Swing! Mozambican Lindy Hop Craze
Jul 20

Black Lindy Hop Matters: Afro Swing! Mozambican Lindy Hop Craze

Black Lindy Hop Matters - The Harlem Chapter - Presents: Afro Swing! The Mozambican Lindy Hop: Completing the Circle!LIMITED SPACE: Sign up by attending the event! Pay at the door $8 per person or two for $15!This EXTRA special event includes film clips, discussion and a dance workshop - with a price that can't be beat! ___________________________________ The Harlem Swing Dance Society is proud to be a part of this special program! Black Lindy Hop truly Matters : The Afro Swing movement started in 2012 in Mozambique and has since then increased to around a hundred kids and some 50 adult dancers dancing Lindy Hop in the suburb and city streets of Maputo, the capital. Some of the dancers from the dance company Hodi Maputo Afro Swing are now teaching and performing Afro Swing across the world, spreading the African Roots at European Swing dance events. Bringing Lindy Hop to Africa has put light on the African roots of lindy hop and what else there is to learn about dance, movement, expression, community and spirituality. Lisa Josefsson, who brought Lindy hop to Mozambique, is now in New York to share her experience and the personal growth she achieved from her learnings in Mozambique. Starting with a talk and display of Lindy Hop videos from Mozambique, she we will take you on an Afro Swing dance journey to the African Roots. It will be an exploration of storytelling, emotional expression and human connection through dance. No matter who you are, young, old, black, white, Lindy dancer, African Dancer or just a human enjoying rhythm and connection - You are welcome to share in the fun and experience yourself! Lisa and Hodi Maputo Afro Swing organizes the ”Mozambique Afro Swing Exchange” in March every year. See more at: [hidden] Harlem Swing Dance Society builds up Harlem's Signature Cultural Dance right here at Home in Harlem where it all began. Join us in our mission! [hidden] or our Facebook page for the latest events [hidden] More Info below.

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when: July 20 @ 12pm - 3pm
where: Go Hard Dance, 2307 Adam Clayton Powell Junior Boulevard, New York, NY, 10030 map
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