Private Rare Vintage Cognac Tasting Experience In Your Home In Chicago

Jun 14

Private Rare Vintage Cognac Tasting Experience In Your Home In Chicago

Take your next dinner party to the next level. Under the guidance of a professional Old Liquors ambassador, you will enjoy 5 ultra-rare vintage cognacs. An Old Liquors Ambassador will come to your home and guide you and your guests through the nuances of incredibly rare spirits. The Brand Ambassador will mix ‘The Summit’, a cognac cocktail to start of the evening and bring 5 ultra-rare cognacs for you to enjoy along with the required glassware. You and your distinguished guests will be tasting The Summit cognac cocktail for guest to enjoy during the event introduction.5 rare exceptional vintage cognacs including: o Ultra-Premium Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac from the 1990so Croizet Swinging sixties cognac, vintage 1963, aged over 50 yearso 1914 Restaurant Maxim’s Paris WWI Ladies vintage cognac, aged over 50 yearso Phillip de Castaigne Belle Époque era Folle Blanche vintage cognac 1893o Pre-Phylloxera era Napoleon vintage cognac 1811 An Old Liquors Tasting Event is as much an emotional journey as it is a sensory delight that evokes pure bliss. A tasting is something you have to share with the one who is beside you. It allows you to share experiences with friends that go beyond words. Feelings that are expressed in a look and a smile as the exceptional aura of rare cognac emerges from the glass and fills the room.Tasting exceptional spirits takes you back in time and unlocks hidden memories of tastes. When an age-old bottle is opened, it reveals a myriad of scents captured in a bouquet of myrrh, honey, dried roses, plum, honeysuckle, cigar box, leather, figs, and passion fruit. This is the magic of time captured in a bottle. Each bottle that is opened is the lifetime achievement of a cellar master, an art and savoir-faire carefully captured in glass. It is a tribute to the work from the terroir, by the people, and across time.The Old Liquors Brand ambassador helps to give the senses a voice and share your feelings. You will receive expert instruction on how best to slowly take the time to let the waves of aromas and tastes fill your pallet. You learn to discover what is hidden in the depths of age the old Eaux-de-Vie. Experience what you thought you would never encounter. You and your guest develop your noses and palates thanks to these sharing moments. Practical information: The tasting is meant to be a compliment to an existing event. Booking minimally 30 days in advance. Number of guests: minimum 8* to maximum 20. Targeted audience: cognac lovers, beginners or experts, company seminars Driving distance: Venues targeted are within a 45-mile radius of the int. airport. Time schedule: The date must be fixed upon 30 days ahead of time. Glassware and cognac along with serving trays and cocktails will be provided. All participants must be over the age of 21. Languages available: English (please contact us for other languages) Tasting gift sets including 3 rare vintage cognacs can be obtained separately from the Old Liquors Ambassador, a list will be provided after booking. Cost: $500 per person, minimum of 8* persons Cancellation: Orders are considered confirmed upon reception of payment. All cancellations made more than 30 days prior to the reservation will be fully reimbursed, half of the payment will be reimbursed for cancellations within 4 weeks of the reservation date and no reimbursement will be possible for cancellations less than one week before the date of the class. *small groups are welcome but will be charged a minimum flat rate equal to the price of 8 guests. Click & Book an event in New York City Click & Book an event in Miami Click & Book an event in San Francisco Click & Book an event in Houston Click & Book an event in Los Angeles Click & Book an event in Chicago Click & Book an event in Washington DC Click & Book an event in Las Vegas If you would like to discuss your event with Old Liquors directly or have a general query, please contact us at one of the following ways: Phone: [hidden] WhatsApp: Click-to-Chat DM: Facebook Messenger of Twitter DM E-mail: [hidden] More Info below.

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when: June 14 @ 8pm - 11pm
where: Your private home or private location, your home, Chicago, ILL, 60630 map
price: Free
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