Lumberjack Workout In Abandoned Bank

Lumberjack workout in abandoned bank
Jun 15

Lumberjack Workout In Abandoned Bank

Join us for our very first Lumberjacked event in an incredible abandoned bank! This event is BEGINNER FRIENDLY. Previous experience splitting wood or with axes is NOT required.Lumberjacked is a fitness club for those of us who would rather be doing something fun, useful and timeless instead of the whatever fitness craze is popular this month.We've put a lot of love into making this event a reality, and we'd love to see you there!-How does it work?It's easy: you show up, we teach you how to swing an axe, and we spend the rest of the time splitting wood together. At the end of class we'll pause to admire the stack of firewood we've created together, then we'll grab a beer at a bar nearby.Is it good exercise?Absolutely. A Lumberjacked workout can burn 400-500 calories an hour and is a great for building core muscles [1].Do I need to bring anything?We provide axes, wood and safety goggles. Please bring your own gloves, they are not required but highly recommended as you will be handling wood and splinters are very real.What about the wood?We source the wood locally. At the end of class, you're welcome to take whatever wood you split home with you. Whatever wood is left over will be donated or sold.[1] [hidden] More Info below.

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when: June 15 @ 12pm - 1pm
where: 1241 Bedford Ave, 1241 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11216 map
category: Swing



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