Hip Hop

Hip Hop
Jun 15

Hip Hop

Tickets are $20 per child. $10 for siblings (SOLD ONLY AT THE DOOR). Free for parents and siblings under one! HIP HOP In the continuum of African-American rooted music, Hip Hop can be seen as the modern day descendant of Jazz. This heritage can be heard in the music of figures such as Q-Tip, Thundercat and Flying Lotus (who is actually the nephew of infamous jazz saxophonist John Coltrane) and Rap itself can be seen as a verbal extension of the instrumental improvisation synonymous with jazz. We look at how these two seemingly diverse styles share the same origins. The Jazz Playground is a fun, interactive and educational live performance program inviting kids and adults of all ages to dance, sing and swing to the rhythms of jazz. Presented by a live band, The Jazz Playground introduces the instruments and core concepts of jazz through familiar songs, sounds and rhythms. We explore history, language and diversity through an organic and participatory jazz performance featuring a rotating roster of guest teaching-artists. Each class will introduce a new instrument or style, and will take a trip to different places or times in history to explore how jazz shaped modern music in the 20th century onwards. Above all, The Jazz Playground invites children of all ages to find their own creative space, develop their imagination and to collaborate through music. More Info

when: June 15 @ 11:30am - 12:15pm
where: Art House Astoria Conservatory For Music and Art, 23-35 Broadway, Queens, NY, 11106 map
category: Swing



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