Thai Massage- Quantum Leap

Thai Massage- Quantum Leap
Jun 15

Thai Massage- Quantum Leap

Jason and Maura are bringing a lifetime of experience to this play shop Thai Massage- Quantum Leap. Recently these two had the chance to reconnect at an intimate birthday party and it was as though long-lost twins (bodywork geeks) were reunited. Born in the year of the tiger, they share a history of training in acrobatics from a young age, which encoded them with a highly-attuned body intelligence that lead them both into their current and long-time professions. Jason co-founded AcroYoga and has traveled the world for a decade learning and sharing with many master healers, students and clients, and Maura has been exploring the art of bodywork professionally for 15 years combining her love of Thai, acro, structural integration, and aerial swings into her own unique expression of body therapy and embodiment facilitation. They both have many practices and teachers in common and bringing these twins together opens a portal of new, creative flows where giving and receiving melt into one. If you want a front seat to this new expression of freedom in movement, connection, and love, this is the play-date for you. Location will be on the beautiful and sacred land of the Aum Dome in Enicintas. We will be exploring a variety of creative ways to work with our clients, including swing therapy acro-style ( it's amazing!!!), intuitive Thai, and therapeutic acro. Pre-reqs: desire to break free from what you know, to have a minimum of 1 years experience doing healing treatments, some therapeutic flying experience, a willingness to receive lots of bodywork, and an openness to awaken the Tiger within. Schedule of the day 10-1pm, lunch, 2:30-5:30pm *Early bird price $150 (available until 6/3) *after 6/3 $175 *Space limited to 12 participants More Info

when: June 15 @ 10am - 5:30pm
where: Aum Dome, 126 Seeman Drive, Encinitas, CA, 92009 map
category: Swing



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