Tuesdays / Wednesdays Sbkz Dance Class (530pm - 7pm) @Havana

TUESDAYS / WEDNESDAYS SBKZ Dance Class (530PM - 7PM) @Havana
Jun 11

Tuesdays / Wednesdays Sbkz Dance Class (530pm - 7pm) @Havana

Like us! https://www.facebook.com/KizoukaCalgaryPrivates Lesson (Salsa KIZOMBA CZouk BZouk) 4o3 6o4 5734=============================================== COMMUNITY OUTREACH: JUNE Salsa Bachata Kizomba★CBC COMMUNITY ★TUESDAYS ★(530 - 7PM)★CFC COMMUNITY ★WEDNESDAYS ★(530 - 7PM)★Cost 10$ ★530PM ★FREE PROMO★ Merengue w/ Purpose★6PM-7PM JUNE LESSON of CHOICE (1or2 Dances)@Havana 4310 Macleod TR SWPS: Inclusive Communities so Everyone can attend!!=============================================== ★EVERY FRIDAY or BKS ★KIZOMBA LATIN ZOUK★9PM-1AM★ Cost 10$★9PM COME EARLY 4LESSON★KIZOMBA and [email protected][masked] AVE NE=============================================== ★EVERY SATURDAY or BKS★DRUM and DANCE Social. Great night for Beginners Drummers / Beginners Dancers. Great time to Practice Practice and Mix n Mingle with fellow Drummers / Dancers!!★9PM-1AM★ Cost 10$★9PM COME EARLY 4LESSON★Drum and or SBK Lesson★★@Ballroom★★[masked] AVE NE=============================================== (★1ST and 3RD★ SATURDAYS) BRASAZOUK WORKSHOP(★2ND and 4TH★ SATURDAYS) KIZOMBA WORKSHOPBeyond beginners? Bored of random collection of steps? Rather want a methodology and concepts? These workshops are for you!★4PM-6PM★ Cost [email protected][masked] AVE NE=============================================== ★SUNDAY DJEMBE n LATIN DRUM WORKSHOP (4-6PM)African Djembe Rythmns; Latin Rhythms; Drum-2-Salsa; Bachata; Kizomba; Drum Circle Dynamics. A UNIQUE program in CALGARY!Learn Dance steps as warm up and break time!!★SUNDAYS★DRUM WORKSHOP★4PM-6PM★ Cost 25$★★@Havana★★ 4310 Macleod Tr SW=============================================== ABOUT US: Original Unique Teaching Approach. Trained by Kizomba and Zouk Pioneers. Comprehensive; logical; methodical; didactical approach to teaching these dances, giving you more freedom and independence as compared to a gridlocked pattern approach. Our Philosophy is to be Welcoming; Humble; Approachable; Inclusive; NO Elitism; NO Clique; Professional; and Sharing the authentic Soul and Culture embedded within zouk-related dances and music. 1Decade Teaching; 3Decades ZOUK MUSIC Knowledge!! Proud to be the PIONEERING Kizomba socials in both CALGARY and VANCOUVER. DRUM Facilitator and DRUM Therapy Trained. ★SAMPLE ZOUK MUSIC!! ZOUK LOVE!!https://www.facebook.com/KizoukaCalgary/videos/1884869105105192/★UNDERSTANDING ZOUK MUSIC!!https://www.facebook.com/KizoukaCalgary/videos/1997022817223153/★KIZOMBA MUSIC IS ZOUK MUSIC!!https://www.facebook.com/KizoukaCalgary/videos/753219398407770/★UNDERSTANDING KIZOMBA Dance; Different STYLEShttps://www.facebook.com/KizoukaCalgary/videos/1975331102725658/★How ZOUK MUSIC developed Brazilian ZOUK Dance!!https://www.facebook.com/KizoukaCalgary/videos/364419237619746/★WISE WORDS FROM A KIZOMBA PIONEER: KWENDA LIMA!!https://www.facebook.com/KizoukaCalgary/videos/1090033511199068/OUR WEBSITE!! https://www.kizouka.org/=============================================== More Info

when: June 11 @ 5:30pm - June 12 @ 7pm
where: Havana Cuban Dance Studio, 4310 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB, T2G 0A4 map
category: Salsa



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