Beyond The Basics: Balboa Continued

Beyond the Basics:  Balboa Continued
May 20

Beyond The Basics: Balboa Continued

Fizz has your next Beyond the Basics class ready for you! Desiree Roffers and Brennan Bowman will be leading a three (3) week Balboa series. They'll be teaching you intermediate Balboa for all three weeks; if you took the last session of Intro to Balboa, this class will be perfect for you! If you have your Balboa basics down and want to add some new Bal skills into your repertoire, this class is also great for you! $30 for all three lessons or $15 per class drop in. Classes will start at 7 pm - 8 pm; 5/6 - 5/20 **Please note the time! This is different than our usual Beyond the Basics times because there will also be a Big Apple Beyond the Basics class during the same week, but from 8-9 pm** More Info below.

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when: May 20 @ 7pm - 8pm
where: The Apartment, 2251 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60614 map
category: Swing



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