Eclosion Avec, Quantaloop & Futurgenetic

Eclosion avec, Quantaloop & Futurgenetic
May 18

Eclosion Avec, Quantaloop & Futurgenetic

the heat in our hearts; giving yourself an opportunity to connect together before the summer festivals. An experience that is unifying and energizing , after cold weather and hibernation; give way to a new breath. Like an outbreak of ourselves in a festive bust , through the Tranceparence of our senses and a virtuous vision of a true self , let us leave behind our intentions , our most glorious destiny , nestled within the valiant encounters of all our relationships. 11 An explosion of flavors , colors , sweets .. 11 -Sound Quality Light , - Immersive art and powerful decoration , -Visual performance In an accessible indoor location in Montreal. More Info: http://www.tranceparence.com/

when: May 18 @ 9am - July 22 @ 9pm
where: Montreal, Canada map
category: News & Trends



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