Shakti Sao Thome Das Letras 2019

Shakti Sao Thome das Letras 2019
Dec 13

Shakti Sao Thome Das Letras 2019

[hidden] , [hidden]03 (whatsapp) , Shakti Shakti's Profile , Shakti Indoor Page , SSTL SHAKTI SAO THOME DAS LETRAS Group SHAKTI ON-LINE SALES ARE THOME 2019: , [hidden] Registration Promoters Excursions Artistic: , Inbox Shakti Indoor Page , , SHAKTI Sao Thome das Letras - MUSIC , NATURE AND MAGIC We invite you all one more year to feel the harmonic vibrations of the universe in perfect connection with nature and psychedelia in Sao Thome! Shakti is the manifestation of the creative energy of the universe. It is the energetic force of every being , of every thing of nature. Shakti is believed to be the force and energy in which the universe is created , preserved , destroyed , and recreated. BE PART OF THIS ENERGY! LINE UP , PROJECTIONS AND MAPPING , TOP SOUND SYSTEM , EXPO ART AND MIX FAIR , TATTOARIA , COFFE PUB , MOVIE THEATER , HEALTH SPACE , MALABARES AND PYROPHAGIA , PHOTOS , BODY PAINTING , PROGRAMS , TOURS , WATERFALL , CULINARIA MINEIRA , STAC CACHACARIA Get ready for an unforgettable , highly psychedelic weekend with beautiful scenery and waterfalls. It is mandatory to donate 1 kg of non-perishable food at the entrance to the event. If you do not bring food you will be charged 5.00 which will be donated for improvements in the city as it is held every year. In the month of April we will have our launch with tickets in the amount of Special lot to those who attend SHAKTI Indoor in SP. More Info below.

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Phone: 0119985456
[email protected]
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when: December 13 @ 9am - December 15 @ 9pm
where: São Thomé Das Letras, Brazil map
category: News & Trends



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