Greenworld Festival - Tenerife

GreenWorld Festival - Tenerife
Sep 14

Greenworld Festival - Tenerife

1.1. Limited entry to each area of the event. 1.2. The organisation reserves the right to make any last-minute changes to the programme , event change of location andor operating hours , as a result of unforeseen circumstances (force majeure). 1.3. GW tickets are non-refundable due to negative climatic changes , natural disasters , closure of Spanish airspace , strikes andor public manifestations , change of location , artist indisposition or death or any other unforeseen circumstances not attributable to the Organisation. 1.4. Once a GW ticket has been acquired , it will not be exchanged or refunded under any circumstances , unless , there is a change of the event date. The organisation accepts no responsibility for lost , stolen or damaged GW Tickets. 1.5. No re-admissions or pass-outs will be allowed. A new GW ticket must be purchased to re-entry. 1.6. The organisation accepts no responsibility in case an entry ticket is lost , stolen andor having purchased festival wrist bands in un-authorised dealers. Entry tickets can only be purchased in official dealers that are shown in the official festival web address ([hidden]). More Info below.

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when: September 14 @ 9am - 9pm
where: Canarias, Spain map
category: News & Trends



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