Reveilloz #6 - 2019/20

ReveillOz #6 - 2019/20
Dec 27

Reveilloz #6 - 2019/20

One more year together for the sake of spending our New Year as a family , close to everyone we love and enveloped in an atmosphere of unconditional love. Tickets and more information after the Oz 10 years. The OZ WORLD is a multicultural event with artistic , craft , musical , ecological , circus , scenic and educational activities that draw your audience to explore the concepts of an alternative community that seeks peace , love , unity and respect through music. We have as our mission to create a place where all people are the same , where you do not notice branded clothes or what you have in your pocket , a place where the HUMAN BEING is valued as it should be. A place where celebrating life is something essential because there WE ARE ONE FOLLOWING THE TRADITION !!! ReveillOz - 12272019 to 02012020 , The celebration of the New Year of the World of Oz Festival Aldeia Outro Mundo , Lagoinha - SP More Info below.

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when: December 27 @ 9am - January 2 @ 9pm
where: Sao Paulo, Brazil map
category: News & Trends



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