Psy-Fi 2019 Seed Of Science

Psy-Fi 2019 Seed of Science
Aug 28

Psy-Fi 2019 Seed Of Science

PSY-FI Seed Of Science , , What's happening? , , Psy-Fi SEED OF SCIENCE is our 7th edition and after last year's SHAMANIC EXPERIENCE we are very excited to prepare the next edition for you. We will keep you updated on our Facebook page , newsletter and website. , Why Seed of Science? First of all , think about where we would be without science and all it has produced , our festival is run with laptops , phones , wifi , lights , soundsystems , dj equipment , waste technologies , power technologies and much more , all came forth out of science. Then think about what happens to our society when all this fails. We have learned how to use all of this to our benefits and yet have become so depended on it. The quote from Ralp Waldo Emerson men love to wonder and that's the seed of science shows that our imagination and our curiosity are at the base of all that men has ever created. We encourage you to find oud how science can help you and others to create a better and more sustainable world. , All your positive feedback , love , kind words and many hugs we got , gave us the energy and confidence to start working on Seed of Science. For that we are ever grateful. More Info: http://www.psy-fi.nl

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when: August 28 @ 9am - September 1 @ 9pm
where: Leeuwarden, Netherlands map
category: News & Trends



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