Ozora Day Zero At The Dome

OZORA Day Zero at The Dome
Jul 27

Ozora Day Zero At The Dome

The Ozorian mindset has been stretching its welcoming arms further and further , travelling to distant places , taking our message to new lands , connecting old and new friends all over the globe. For the last 6 years our comrades in Goa welcomed us to their home for the One Day in Goa events and now we decided that time has come to invite them and bring Goa to Ozora. We will dedicate the Day Zero event to legendary DJs of the Goan tribe and to the celebration of progressive minds , travelling freaks , sunshine hippies and ultimate party lovers. We hope to unite them all for an unforgettable blast-off under the petal-wings of the Dome. Arjuna , Gino , Giuseppe , Goatika , Govinda , Janux , Goa Jonas , Mara , Nigel , Nitin , Rowan , Starling , Tom Shiva Valley , XP Voodoo More Info below.

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when: July 27 @ 9am - August 4 @ 9pm
where: Igar, Hungary map
category: News & Trends



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