Oct 25


The Beatpatrol Festival takes place for the tenth time. In order to prepare yourself , there are a few points that should be mentioned. Conditions , The general terms and conditions of NB Warehouse KG and the house rules general terms and conditions of VAZ St. Polten apply. getting there , Find it under the Venue item on the website , ATM , In the entrance area of the VAZ there is a cash dispenser. wardrobe , There is a cloakroom in the entrance area of the VAZ St. Polten. The carrying of backpacks and larger bags is prohibited on the premises and are not accepted as valuables in the cloakroom. hotels , Accommodation in St.Polten can be found at , Youth Policy , The Lower Austrian Youth Protection Act applies in its latest version. Securities are required to control compliance. Admission is from 16 years. Line up , Find it under the line up point on the website. More Info

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when: October 25 @ 9am - 9pm
where: Sankt Pölten, Austria map
category: News & Trends



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