National Kizomba Summit!

National Kizomba Summit!
May 01

National Kizomba Summit!

The Kizomba Summit is more than just a festival, its a Summit! , The goal of most festivals is to provide great workshops, a fun party and a good atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. The Summit started out that way as a small idea in January of 2013 with Ricardo Sousa Paula Ltc. To host one of Europe's top artists Afro- Latin Connection and America's Ivo and Shani. The festival came together and was called sKyzomba, the first Kizomba Festival in DC July 6th 7th, 2013. That was the beginning of a much larger vision. sKyzomba grew into The White House Kizomba Zouk Summit and was born in 2014. In 2016 The Summit hosted Eduardo Paim the creator of Kizomba music. 2020 is shaping up to be again more than just a festival. .. .. The Summit's goal is to be a full professional conference growing to 10 days. To not only include dance classes parties, but to include Instructor training, Choreography, Musicians, DJ's, Art, Culture, and Fashion. To not limit ourselves to steps but to have a full experience of African culture and history. For you our participants to be able to bring the knowledge and the experience back to your communities to help grow, develop and nurture Kizomba, Semba Kuduro across the world. For 2020 The Summit is already over the top and will be continuing to post through the next two years. May 1, 2020 - May 4, 2020 - 8 hours Master Kizomba Semba Dance Classes Kizomba Musicology , Dance Performances , Fashion Show, Lunch for 2 days, Tapas in the Evening More Info below.

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Phone: 04439549457
[email protected]
when: May 1 @ 9am - May 4 @ 9pm
where: Mambo Room Cultural Dance & Event Center, 400-B West 21st Street, Norfolk, VA, USA map
category: Salsa



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