Mambomania 5th Edition

Mambomania 5th Edition
Jan 03

Mambomania 5th Edition

MAMBOMANIA is the only pure On2 Congress in the Northern Europe. , Made for social dancers and instructorsperformers. , There are participants from Norway and Europe attending. The atmosphere is known to be very familiar and warm-friendly, the trainings - intensive of high quality and the parties - magic. WHAT MUSIC WE PLAY at the parties: Mambo with drops of Bachata and Cuban salsa. WHAT WE TEACH: On2 at all levels, Crossover to on2, N. Y. SalsaMambo style, Son, Afro, Cuban Moves, Music Seminars, Fusion, Art of performance, etc. WHAT'S SO SPECIAL? , - The only thing which makes them all keep returning is the teaching method. And of course, the feeling everybody remain with after the weekend. : ), - Here you get to know these mambo stars from a totally new perspective. Within Mambomania teaching concept, they unfold their knowledge in a totally different way than in other festivals and you get to hear, see and learn SALSA DANCING from its depths. , - The feeling of being a student. Train at 3 different levels: , 1. FUNDAMENTALS (BegImproverCrossover to on2), 2. DEVELOPINGS (Intermediate), 3. ADVANCES (instructorsperformersvery skilled social dancers) Level Selection by the teachers. , Selection 1: ADVANCES, Selection 2: FUNDAMENTALSINTERMEDIATES , LINE UP: , - Adolfo Indacochea Lorena Andrade, - Griselle Ponce Baudilio Rivera, - Antonio Jasmine Berardi, - Tania Cannarsa, - Amneris Martinez, - Jazzy Ruiz , PRICES: , Prices goes up every month. , Pass price: 140 from 1st Feb 150 from 1st Mar, Pass price increase with 10 every month from 1st April. , Groups can get discount (min. 6 pers together), No refunds, but you can sell the ticket. , It's getting sold out, so always easy to resell a pass. , SIGN UP INFO: , Sign up here: https: guestli. st594489, All info here: www. mambomania. org , CONGRESS VENUE: Sentralen, Address: Ovre Slottsgate 3, 0157 Oslo ACCOMMODATION at good standard and very cheap prices, right vis-a-vis the congress venue: Perminalen Hotel , http: www. perminalen. nodefault. aspx? cmd1view1LNO , REGULATIONS: , - Level placements - if you wasn't selected for Advances, you can go through the second selection for the other levels. , - Level placements - if you mean you've been placed in the wrong level, tell to the PROGRAM COORDINATOR: Andreea Terescenco (fbook messenger). , You will either be challenged to take 1-2 classes at the level you've been placed and be supervised in that class to see how you're handle it or you must run the level selections again and get another chance to prove your level. , - You can not attend Developings or Advances level without passing the level selections. If you skip the level selections you will automatically fall into Fundamentals level. - If you are late with more than 5 minutes to the class, you will lose your right to be in that class. , - Only active participants are allowed into the class. - Dresscode in the classes: black. We believe in the importance of requiring a dress code. A dress code ensures that a teacher will be able to see a dancers alignment and positioning. The teacher needs to be able to see a dancer's mistakes. Baggy clothing can mask bad habits, making corrections impossible. Form-fitting dance-wear is what we strongly recommend. - Filming in the classes - only when you are invited to do so by the teachers. , - We fully recommend to take all the classes in the track you've been placed. Most of the classes are connected to each other and each edition we focus on different disciplines. The 5th Edition is about Musicality, Interpretation and Expression. - Please do not bring alcohol inside the party venue. That's forbidden. Use the bar. , - Please use indoorclean shoes. CONTACT: , Please contact Andreea Terescenco or write to us in the fan-pagearrang. page and we will do our best to help you with any inquiry. , Email: [email protected] org Questions about logistichow to get thereinfo Oslo: , [email protected] org , HOW TO GET THERE: , YOU CAN GET TO OSLO BY PLAIN, TRAIN, BUS, AND SHIP. 2 airports close to Oslo: , OSLO (OSLO LUFTHAVN GARDEMOEN), TORP SANDEFJORD GARDEMOEN is the biggest airport. All major towns in Europe have flights there, also there are direct flights from USA. , TORP is a bit smaller. Wizzair flies to Torp from almost everywhere. Oslo is connected to Stockholm Gothenborg by railway. , Oslo is connected to Copenhagen Kiel by cruiseferry. FROM GARDEMOEN (OSL) to Oslo S (The City Centre), 1. FAST RAIL. (20min), 2. LOCAL TRAIN (23min) 3. TAXI. There is a Taxi Desk right before you go out of the airport. There you get the right taxi and help to get the right price. There are fix-prices from to airport to Oslo. If you are 4 persons or more, we recommend a taxi. , 4. BUS. (40min) Several busses just outside. There are guides helping you out get in the right buss. , FROM TORP TO OSLO S(City Centre) There are shuttle busses going fromt he airport to the train station. Those busses are included in the train ticket. Train from Sandefjord to Oslo (1, 5 hours. ) FROM OSLO S to SENTRALEN (Congress Venue) (15min. walking through the city centre. ) More Info below.

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when: January 3 @ 9am - January 5 @ 9pm
where: Sentralen, Øvre Slottsgate 3, Oslo, Norway map
category: Salsa



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