Kizombafro Dakar Salsa Bachata Semba Meeting

Kizombafro Dakar Salsa Bachata Semba Meeting
Nov 05

Kizombafro Dakar Salsa Bachata Semba Meeting

A trip of study and fun . .. ., Kizomba- Semba- Afro-Bachata-Salsa , An inner enrichment . .. a discovery of the heart of DAKAR . .. of its African colors and rhythms . .. . JOURNEY IN DAKAR Dakar the capital of Senegal . .. .. , It is a city that can be defined in many ways but certainly NOT boring Dakar is characterized by strong contrasts: here elegance meets cosmic chaos, gray and dusty streets color the markets and women's clothes, the clubs after the sunset are filled with boys and music, while on the roofs the call resounds to prayer for the devotees . .. . The population of Senegal is composed of different ethnic groups. , The main one is the WOLOF ethnic group, characterized by very high men and women and by a lending physical presence. About beauty: WOLOF women are called GAZELLE . .. . This term in addition to being the name of national beer . .. refers to the sinuosity that women have in walking. , You can see them swaying through the villages wrapped in their traditional clothes of a thousand colors, often with a basket full of water or fruit on their heads, moving with grace and elegance. TOUBAB BONJOUR . .. the white man in Senegal is called TOUBAB . .. TIME IS AN OPINION . .. , The sense of time does not make sense . .. if you have a set time in most cases it is not respected but can spend hours . .. . We certainly do not have to watch the clock, it's useless . .. Dakar (like all Senegal ) is the city of paradox, where reality is able to overcome any imagination . .. . More Info below.

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when: November 5 @ 9am - November 12 @ 9pm
where: Archotel, Route de Ngor Virage, BP29457, Dakar, Senegal map
category: Salsa



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