Munich Salsa Bachata Congress

Munich Salsa Bachata Congress
Sep 06

Munich Salsa Bachata Congress

The Munich Salsa Bachata Congress take place from 6. to 8. September 2019. Location: , Circulo Munich, Rosenheimerstr. 132, 81671 Munich. . LINEUP 2019 . o SALSA ON2 L. A. o Adolfo Indacochea Lorenita - New York (Confirmed), https: youtu. bekW5PrZb6NA Supermario - London (Confirmed), https: youtu. be6nynzrK7XKU Jessica Quiles - Puerto Rico (Confirmed), https: youtu. bezmmWD3jMQBU Latin Hypnotic - Italy (Confirmed), https: youtu. bev4SZZFkmsdI Fuego y Pasion - Swiss (Confirmed), https: youtu. be9k4g7tWs1wE o SALSA CUBANA o Osbanis Anette - Cuba (To be Confirmed), https: youtu. bebUSsOZzm18 Tomasito Santamaria - Cuba (Confirmed), https: youtu. bebchLA4X-0 Davide Cavallieri - Italy (Confirmed), https: youtu. bebUSsOZzm18 o BACHATA o Marcelo y Belen - Spain, https: youtu. besumN4aYCddI Willy Noura - Italy Peru (Confirmed), https: youtu. beRLRQY9Zjjy8 Salsa OnStage - Germany (Confirmed), https: youtu. bef3TI3QTh7nI Salsa Energy - Germany (Confirmed), https: youtu. beJOw0N8lVngA Reem - Germany (Confirmed), https: youtu. beigm2ai4fc Melitta Siomos - Germany (Confirmed), https: youtu. bezCyOMSEiZGE and more to confirm! . DJ'S . o SALSA o Fabrizio Zoro - Italy (Confirmed), https: youtu. beIzvTHUQprxg Alexio Grossi - Italy (Confirmed), https: youtu. beCjfkiTH9o9Q Tilo - Germany (Confirmed) David Munoz - Mexico (Confirmed), https: youtu. bePejI7jb9jIE o BACHATA o Manuel Citro - Italy (Confirmed), https: youtu. bed4BwV76g56M Ryan Miles - Spain (Confirmed), https: youtu. be1n0N-OVI1wE Tomquez - Germany (Confirmed), https: youtu. beoHToUM1Hbxo o SALSA CUBANA KIZMBA o, These DJ'S will be announced very soon. . LIVE ACT . J-Style, live in the Bachata Room, Saturday 7. September 2019. With all his Hits Like: , Ciao Bella, https: youtu. beQNrDgL2afA0 Pobre Corazon, https: youtu. bevn03GFs3RHA and many more! Take advantage of this offer and buy your pass now. , Fullpass 109 (all workshops and all parties), until 6. March 2019, www. munichsalsabachatacongress. com More Info below.

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when: September 6 @ 9am - September 9 @ 9pm
where: Circulo, Rosenheimer Straße 139, 81671, Munich, Germany map
category: Salsa



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