Greek Salsa Bootcamp - 10th Anniversary

Greek Salsa Bootcamp - 10th Anniversary
Jul 04

Greek Salsa Bootcamp - 10th Anniversary

We are proud to welcome you at the 10th anniversary of the GREEK SALSA BOOTCAMP! ! This beautiful event is taking place in Volos, a diamond of central Greece and our aim is to give you the opportunity to combine dancing and vacations during July, which is the best month to visit our beautiful country and enjoy the sun, the sea and our hospitality for 4 days or more : ) Everything takes place at the 5 Valis Resort, where you can take classes of Salsa, Kizomba, Afro, Dancehall, Styling during the day and party till the morning : ) The Greek Salsa Bootcamp is a unique experience offering music and parties all day and night in a friendly atmosphere and professional organization growing every year bigger and bigger. You can also attend even more specialized workshops by taking part in our Choreography Bootcamps, learn from the best and perform on stage on Saturday night. Enjoy two great Competitions or give it a go and participate: , Thursday 4th of July - 2nd International KizzOpen Championship, Friday 5th of July - 3rd GSB Rueda De Casino Competition You can see more info on our official website www. salsabootcamp. gr or contact our promoters, instructors or our organization team through inbox or email ( [email protected] com ) MORE TO BE CONFIRMED ARTISTS, SUPERMARIO (UK), MOE FLEX (UK), TONY PIRATA LYDIA LAPRADE (FRANCE), OSBANIS ANNETA (UK), RAMARK DC (FRANCE), MARCIO KIMI (THE NETHERLANDS), FABIAN FANIA (SPAIN), SALSA PEOPLE (SWITZERLAND), NATY GEORGIADIS - GIRASON DS (SPAIN), IZA BOGDANSKA (POLAND), ANTONIS HARA - INDEPENDANCE (VOLOS LARISA -GREECE), DIMITRIS LA SECTA DC (ATHENS-GREECE), GEORGE TSI ELENA - AHI NA MA (ATHENS-GREECE), EDUARDO DEMY - KIZOMBACADEMY (ATHENS-GREECE), VICTORIA KIZZARTE (ATHENS-GREECE), ANGEL GEORGIA - ESTILO ETERNO (ATHENS-GREECE), VASILIS MARAPIDIS (THESSALONIKI-GREECE), ALESSANDO CAPPA - STEP UP DANCE STUDIO (THESSALONIKI-GREECE), KONSTANTINOS EVA (ATHENS-GREECE), GEORGE THALIA - INDEPENDANCE (VOLOS LARISA -GREECE), GEORGE PLOM - INDEPENDANCE (LARISA -GREECE), ANNA VARDAXOGLOU (ATHENS-GREECE), IOANNA KYE KYE (THESSALONIKI-GREECE), GIANNIS PENELOPE Y SUS GUERREROS DE CASINO (THESSALONIKI-GREECE), IRINI ATHANASIADOU - STEP UP DS (XANTHI-GREECE), ISMINI - INDEPENDANCE ( LARISA -GREECE), CHRISTINA CHRYSANTHOU - DANCEWAY (PTOLEMAIDA-GREECE), ILIANA THEODORIDOU - DANCEPTION (THESSALONIKI- GREECE), SALSA AUTH (THESSALONIKI MC ANASTASIOS (ATHENS), MC MOE FLEX (UK) DJ WILLY VIPER (FRANCE), DJ TULI (UK), DJ FOLIVI (LUXEMBURG), DJ ESTELIO EL SOCIAL (GREECE), DJ MAS (GREECE), DJ ANASTAZZIO (GREECE), DJD (CYPRUS), DJ CONDE (GREECE) , DJ KOSTA (GREECE) , MORE TO BE CONFIRMED More info: , www. salsabootcamp. gr Bookings: , [email protected] com ARE YOU WET ENOUGH ? ? ? More Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/189559308654595/

when: July 4 @ 9am - July 8 @ 9pm
where: Valis Resort, Stathmos Agrias, 37300, Vólos, Greece map
category: Salsa



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