Brisbane Festival

Brisbane Festival
Sep 07

Brisbane Festival

A gripping, darkly funny drama about a spiritual force and a familys need to connect with it. Its the anniversary of Vinnies death. His brother, 17-year old Preston is being visited by spirits seemingly tormenting him while he sleeps. His sister, Akira buries her pain in her phone. Their father, Eric, is in denial and their mother, Abigail, is numbing her pain with drink, while Nan is coping with it all by talking a lot. Theres no denying that Prestons on the cusp of something otherworldly. The familys disconnect from each other and the world has gone on long enough. Its time to purge the past to embrace the present, if theyre to have a future, and an encounter with spirits might just be the catalyst they all need. More Info:

when: September 7 @ 7:30pm - September 28 @ 9pm
where: Multiple Locations in Brisbane, Brisbane, Australia map
category: News & Trends



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