Ozy Festival

OZY Festival
Jul 20

Ozy Festival

OZY is a media company tailor-made for the Change Generation people from every corner of the globe who are challenging the status quo and bucking convention. It's a platform to help you see more, be more and do more. Or, as one fan put it, OZY is what cool people read to be smart and smart people read to be cool. Our mission is to help the curious see the world more broadly and more boldly by vaulting them ahead of the traditional news cycle and introducing them to the New and the Next rising stars, fresh trends, provocative ideas and boundary-pushing culture, from Amish crack to an underground bar buried in a German bomb shelter, from robo-police to the next great cage fighter. More Info: http://www.ozy.com/ozyfest

when: July 20 @ 12pm - July 21 @ 6pm
where: Rumsey Playfield, 14 E 71st St, New York, NY, USA map
category: News & Trends



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