Tacoma Highland Games

Tacoma Highland Games
Jun 22

Tacoma Highland Games

The Tacoma Highland Games were held for the first time in 1970. The games came about as a result of a few individuals getting together and deciding that if Seattle could do it why not Tacoma? The founders of the game consisted of Dick Roberts, Bill Micenko, Tina Gray, Jack Montgomery and the Grand Old Man of the Tacoma Scottish community Johnny Montgomery. Jack Montgomery was the games first president. Bill organized the piping competition while George Mitchum ran the field events. Tina handled the dancing competition and Johnny Montgomery served as the games first piping judge. Dick Roberts, who is a past president of the Tacoma Rifle and Revolver Club, functioned as liaison between the Scottish community and the Black Powder Shooters. It was through Dicks efforts that arrangements were made to hold the games at TRR. More Info below.

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when: June 22 @ 9am - 9pm
where: Frontier Park, 21718 Meridian Ave E, Graham, WA, USA map
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