Washington State Square Dance Festival

Washington State Square Dance Festival
Jun 17

Washington State Square Dance Festival

Fun - That is the entire purpose of square dancing. There are no judges, no rating, grading or scoring. No one is a winner but more importantly, no one is a loser. Everyone dances just for the joy of moving to the music together. All types of music are used. If it has a good strong beat it can be a square dance. The cost of square dancing is kept as low as possible so it can be enjoyed by everyone. Friendship - Square dancing is done by all sorts of people who have nothing else in common other than their love of the dance. 'Shop talk' is never a problem at a square dance because people have so many different back grounds. Frequency - There is a dance every Friday Saturday night in the Spokane Area. With 22 clubs in the area somebody is always doing something. Square dance around the world. Calls are always in English. Smiles are universal. More Info: http://www.squaredancespokane.org/calendar.html

when: June 17 @ 9am - June 20 @ 9pm
where: Spokane Convention Center, 334 W Spokane Falls Blvd, Spokane, WA, USA map
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